Maintenance & Servicing

Our in house service department is able to offer everything from one off call outs, to fully comprehensive service contracts with 4 hour response times.  With over 20 years coffee machine servicing experience, we are able to get your machine back up and serving coffee.

We manage all aspects of coffee machine maintenance ; our aim is to keep you serving coffee. Using the latest technology service planning systems, we can manage your service to minimise down time and repair costs, and maximising the coffee service you can offer your customers.

If the service we offer is what you need, get in touch

  • Connection of the water
  • Power connection 
  • Waste connection 
  • Maintenance demonstration 
  • Barista training
  • Group head seals
  • Group head gaskets
  • Group head shower plates
  • Boiler safety inspection
  • Water level probe check
  • Off site service
  • Full descale
  • Steam arm seals
  • Water valve seals
  • Loan machine 
  • Custom colours
  • Wood & metal details
  • Wooden portafilters
  • Decals
  • Logos