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Specialty Coffee - Learn more about Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest coffee growing countries, and as a result, has a very varied cup profile throughout the country. Typically, Brazil coffees are known for their heavy body, mild sweetness and nutty flavours. However, with more focus on processing and a larger demand for speciality lots, many Brazil coffees are breaking with the norm and showcasing fruity and caramel like notes.

In the Atlantic forest regions, where climates differ tremendously, a variety of tastes can be found. In regions with average annual temperature of 21 degrees C, altitudes equal or higher to 1,000 meters and annual precipitation of 1,000–1,500 millimetres, the coffees display medium body, citric acidity and herbal aromas, and an underlying sweetness with subtle flavour of lemon balm and lemongrass. On the other hand, high in the mountains of the Matas de Minas region there are gentler temperatures, 1,000–1,200 millimetres of annual precipitation and altitudes of 400–1,000 meters.

There, the coffee is stronger and sweeter, with heightened acidity. In Brazil’s cooler regions, like the South Sierras of the state of Minas Gerais, the altitudes are the highest, ranging from 800–1,600 meters. Annual average temperatures fall between 12–22 degrees C, and 1,500 millimetres of annual rainfall is common. In these regions, some of the best coffees in the world can be found, with citric, fruity or floral flavours, delicate and pleasing acidity, solid body, marked sweetness and prolonged aftertaste.

Brief Overview


Planted Area
2.3 Million Hectares

Average Production
40 Million Bags

300,000 Coffee Growers

Farm Size
From 0.5–10,000 Hectares

Cup Profile
Due to brazil’s diversity, almost any cup profile from other origins can be found

Common Varieties
Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Catuai, Catimor, Maragogype and others

Main Growing Regions
Paraná, Mogiana, South Ofminas, Cerrado, Matas De Minas, Espírito Santo E Bahia

400–1,600 Meters

Tropical Or Subtropical, With A Dry Winter And Warm Summer

Harvest Months

Processing Types
Natural, Pulped Natural, Semi-Washed, Fully Washed


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