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Meet the team - Lynsey


Lynsey Harley

The founder of Modern Standard Coffee, Lynsey is a well known coffee industry professional. She was 2012 UK Cup Tasting Champion, National Coordinator for the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe UK Chapter 2011-2013, and was one of the first Q Graders in the UK.

What was your first ever job?
Working in McDonalds aged 16, I mainly worked on the drive through. Most people at my school would work there PT, so it was fun even if your uniform would always smell of the fries, didn't matter how often my mum would wash it.

Tell us three things that people don't know about you.
1. I've represented my country in 2 sports
2. I'm a keen photographer, my camera will always be at my side
3. My parents both ran for Great Britain (Dad 100m/200m, Mum 400m)

Favourite place in London?
Clapham Common.I have many fond memories hanging out with friends, playing touch rugby etc.

How do you describe your job to your friends?
I think most of them know what I do, but I would tell them I'm a coffee hustler.

What is your most memorable coffee?
It was natural Rwandan coffee from the Buf cooperative. It was served to me by Jonathan Bonchak, who was competing in the 2014 US Brewers Cup. The coffee was just so delicious, that I chased him down after the comp to see if he had any extra!

What made you start Modern Standard?
It was out of frustration, combined with an opportunity to take a risk. I'd worked for many years for other companies, mainly large commercial coffee companies, but would volunteer in the speciality sector. This combination of speciality knowledge and commercial experience, gave me a really unusual set of skills which I thought could be put to good use. The business is growing well and our aim of bringing specialty coffee to more people is working.

Finally, what are your ambitions in coffee and life?
I think in coffee, would be to see the company grow to a size I think it can achieve, and in life, just happiness.


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