| Lynsey Harley

Hario V60 tutorial - How to make the perfect pourover coffee

Welcome to a quick tutorial on how to brew delicious coffee using the Hario V60 in 5 easy steps.

First, here's what you'll need...

- Hario V60 (or a similar dripper)
- A paper filter
- A vessel for pouring into, this could be a single cup or a jug for sharing
- Scales and timer
- A spoon
- Tasty Modern Standard filter coffee ground to the texture of course sand, using 30g for 500ml of water should be enough to make two cups (the general rule of thumb is 60g of coffee per 1litre of water)
- Hot water (approximately 92 °C or a boiled kettle left for a couple of mins). Bottled or filtered water, with dry residue of 80-120g/ml, will produce the best results

OK, let's begin...

1. Rinse filter and vessel using hot water, then discard contents
2. Add your ground coffee and saturate with enough water to cover. Leave to bloom for 30secs
3. Add more water (up to 100g or until it produces a puddle) and stir gently to break the crust
4. Continue pouring in a steady circular stream avoiding the edges. Do this until you've reached your desired amount of delicious filter coffee

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