• | Lynsey Harley

    How to taste coffee

    Coffee tasting is the process of identifying the characteristics of a particular coffee and you might be surprised by just how many there are!  Coffee buyers perform ‘cuppings’ to evaluate coffees objectively, which is very in-depth and sometimes long process - but the fruits of these labours are... View Post
  • | Lynsey Harley

    Coffee flowering

    Generally, coffee trees in the northern hemisphere will flower mostly in the northern hemisphere spring, while trees in the southern hemisphere will do so in the southern springtime. Trees on the equator can have two flowering peak periods per year. The coffee tree is a living being, and when it ... View Post
  • | Lynsey Harley

    How to make the perfect cold brew

    Cold brew is one of the most delicious ways to drink coffee. It’s a great way of batch brewing a coffee and having it ready in the fridge to use when you fancy that caffeine hit, but without the heat. Set your stopwatch for a 24-hour countdown and you’ll be generously rewarded—a concentrated brew... View Post